Women who set Bike Handles Low may go Numb in the Vagina

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A new study, by Marsha K. Guess M.D. and her team at Yale University, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine says that women who “set their bike handlebars lower than the saddle tended to show a degree of impaired genital sensation."

In other words, women who set their bike handlebars too low may lose feeling in their vaginas, which will not bode well for their sex lives.

The study, which followed 48 women, said: “This exemplifies the ongoing struggle between selecting a more aerodynamic bicycle position for control and speed or a more ergonomic position to reduce neurovascular compromise.”

“Correcting modifiable risk factors for pelvic floor damage may serve as the most important next step in enhancing riding safety in women cyclists.”

They concluded that low handlebar positions "yield detrimental effects to the female pelvic floor."


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