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Women Touch Men's Groins to Raise Money for Cancer Research (Video)

A hand sanitizer company has launched a men's cancer awareness campaign in which women grab men's groins in public.

In a video (below), the company Merci Handy had women touch as many groins as they could, which earned $13.50 per touch for "male cancer" charities, noted Gawker.

The women raised about $700 for cancer research, which was in response to some pick-up artists who "motorboated" women in October to raise money for breast cancer research.

According to The Huffington Post, three pickup artists, who call themselves "Simple Pickup," promised $20 to breast cancer research for every woman who allowed them push their breasts together and rub their face in the ladies' cleavage.

The men raised $2,080, but their donation was rejected by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), reported

The BCRF stated:

We appreciate efforts to raise money to advance breast cancer research, but out of respect for the community we serve, we have asked Simple Pickup to cease all references and associations to our organization and are refunding their donation immediately.

Simple PickUp then responded:

We completely understand their decision.  It's very obvious that the BCRF is refunding the money due to pressure from a minority of people who find the video offensive. We will donate this money (and any additional money in the future) to another charity that funds breast cancer research and awareness

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