Women in Colombia: No Sex Until Roads Fixed


It’s been argued forever that ultimately women hold the balance of power when it comes to the sexes. It’s as simple as withholding her sex until she gets what she wants or conversely performing certain sex acts to get what she wants. For a man it seems no amount of sex denial or giving will make her budge except perhaps what he brings home in his pay packet…

That said, let’s have a close look at what one group of ladies have come to resort to in order to get their local road (I kid you not) fixed.

Women of Barbacoas, a small town in remote southern Colombia, are using access to their netherregions as a bargaining chip in trying to sex starve the men of town and, by extension, the government into doing something about the sorry state of the road that leads from their hamlet of 40,000 people to the rest of civilization. Mudslides as a result of heavy seasonal rainfall has left the road in such a sorry state that the 35 mile journey from Barbacoas to the nearest town takes nearly 10 hours. The government has promised to fix the road, but so far has not followed through.

On one level it’s all laughable but in reality having to spend 10 hours to cross a town seems extremely formidable. Which begs the question, why is that only the women of this town are being represented as frustrated with this situation? Certainly there must be men out there who must be equally if not more frustrated, especially if it affects their ability to be productive and to make the money and attain the implied rewards that women hold between their legs.

This isn’t the first sex strike undertaken by women of Colombia, according to The Wall Street Journal; in the late 90′s, the female partners of leftist guerillas were encouraged to keep their pants on in an attempt to encourage their boyfriends and husbands to negotiate with the government.

Which raises another question, is it really a case that men and women are just as equally affected by government cronyism but it is the men who refuse to do anything about it because they wisely understand that it is they that risk persecution or the peril of a misbegotten government should they react. In other words a woman is willing to have her man suffer jeopardy so she may obtain the rights she feel she is owed.

True we have to remember in war torn areas rife with guerilla activity and striking terrorist behavior we can sometimes attest to the basest of human needs and demands- but the question remains- why should this all fall on the man’s shoulder?


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