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Alabama Woman Gives Birth to 6 Kids in 3 Minutes

A woman spent several weeks in an Alabama hospital waiting to give birth to sextuplets, and when the big moment arrived, it took all of 180 seconds.

Heather Carroll gave birth to the six babies beween 8:05am and 8:08am on Sunday -- the perfect Father's Day gift to her husband. She was just 28 weeks pregnant when she gave birth via C-section, so the five girls and one boy are small, ranging in weight from one pound, 10 ounces to two pounds, five ounces. However, the hospital describes them as "healthy," according to a report in theDaily Mail.

Mitchell Carroll told The Birmingham News he was "on top of the world," adding, "Everything this morning was perfect." The Carrolls now have nine children. More than 50 doctors and nurses were on hand at the Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham to make sure things went smoothly.

'‘I am so proud of this mother’s toughness and appreciative for the excellent preparation and care she received at Brookwood Medical Center," said Dr. Bill McKenzie. "While multiple births are a common occurrence in our facility, this delivery required a high level of preparation and orchestration. We were well prepared -- and I couldn’t be more proud of our team."

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