Women Get 'Hand-Lift' Injections to Take Engagement Ring 'Selfies' (Video)

Personal vanity has reached new heights as more American women are getting a "hand-lift" in order to take pictures of their hands with their engagement ring, also known as the “I just got engaged selfie."

To get that perfect look for Twitter or Instagram pics, women are paying over a thousand dollars for a "hand-lift" injection procedure (video below).

“I never liked how my hands looked,” newly-engaged Alexandra Berry told PIX11 News. “I always thought my hands were a little boyish growing up so I figured why not. Engagement pictures are just around the corner and there’s no better time.”

“What we’re doing today is basically using a filler called juvederm and it lasts nine months,” Dr. Ariel Ostad told PIX11 News. “What we want to achieve is a plump, smooth surface so we don’t see any of those underlining structures.”

According to UK Metro, the 5-10 minute procedure to get that all-important picture for Instagram  costs about $1,200.

Juvederm is normally used on the face to give women's skin a younger-looking appearance.

Sources: UK Metro and PIX11 News


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