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Women Say Man With Cancer Is A Fraud

Multiple ex-girlfriends claim a man who says he is dying from cancer is a fraud.

The man, 60-year-old Ken Boyer, of Palm Bay, Florida, married his "long lost love," Michelle Kimbrel, after his daughter said he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer, Daily Mail reports. Boyer's exes, however, have said that he conned them, in some cases getting them to lend him large amounts of money that he never returned.

All of the women said that they met him on, and he reportedly told all of the women that he had cancer. He also claimed to be in love with each of the women.

"He loved every single one of us," said Karen Hagerty, a teacher that Boyer had previously romanced, according to Fox. "And he loved us all from the second he laid eyes on you... He's very good at what he does."

Hagerty described Boyer as a "master manipulator" and a "con man."

Another alleged victim of Boyer's cons, Cherly Alvarez, said that she had started to suspect something was off when Boyer took trips that required long drives.

"It's five hours to the Keys and five hours back," Alvarez said, "someone going through liver cancer stage 4 can't do that."

"I was his Jamaican princess," Alvarez said. "He has a way with words."

Trish Marsee, a hairstylist, said that Boyer told her he loved her during their first lunch date together, WKMG reports.

"There were red flags as far as him pushing to move in with me and pushing to have a relationship," said Marsee, who ended the relationship after a few more dates with Boyer.

"I'm too young to be a caretaker," said Marsee. "He said he had a lot of illnesses."

The women only learned of each other after Barbara Jones, another woman that was involved with Boyer, began to check his call records while she was paying his phone bill.

Jones, who said she had been with Boyer since late 2015, allegedly loaned Boyer $22,000 that she never got back. She reportedly filed a civil lawsuit against the man over the money.

Boyer didn't deny knowing the women, but defended his diagnosis of cancer.

"I have dated them all, I am not going to play their game," he said. "The people that truly know me and truly love me still do, but you haven’t talked to any of them. You are only talking to angry, hateful, jealous women."

"Nobody said anything about weeks to live, and I'm sorry the drama card was used to sell the story, but we are done with this," Boyer added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News, WKMG / Photo credit: Keith Cooper/Flickr

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