Teen Loses Teeth Every Time She Sneezes (Photos)

A young woman’s strange condition that causes her to lose teeth when she sneezes has baffled doctors.

Linzi Grant, 18, suffers from a mysterious condition in which parts of her teeth fall out every time she sneezes. The teen says she is constantly in pain as her crumbling teeth leave open gaps for blood and pus to fill her gums.

According to the Daily Mail, Grant’s doctors believe her Type 1 diabetes may be causing her teeth to weaken, but she is not entirely convinced that is the sole cause.

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The teen’s dentists have told her that she needs to have the rest of her teeth removed, which will leave her to pay nearly $30,000 for implants as the England’s National Health Service considers the procedure cosmetic and will not cover it.

Currently, Grant, who lives in Milton Keynes, England, is only able to eat soft foods.

She says she has been bullied about her teeth.

“I’ve been bullied by people who tell me I’ve got manky teeth,” Grant said. “It’s humiliating and I’ve been astounded by how many people just stare. Every time I sneeze or jolt my head bits of my teeth shoot out. I just want to tell them what’s wrong with me but I don’t even know what it is. I don’t want to be 18 with dentures but I don’t feel like I’ve got a choice anymore.”

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Grant says her problems began when she was 14 years old.

“I was sitting watching the TV and remember my teeth begin crumbling into my mouth,” she told The Sun.

Sources: Daily MailThe Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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