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Woman Risking Health To Look Younger

A 29-year-old model is risking her health by taking Human Growth Hormones to make herself look younger.

Jacqui Ryland, from the U.K., spoke about her addiction to HGH on a television show, according to the Daily Mail.

“It makes your skin look better, makes you look younger and your nails and hairs grow and shed fat,” Ryland said of HGH, which is illegal to supply, the Mail reported.

Ryland has a daughter aged 9 and a son aged 7.

“The side effects can be your heart can grow which can be dangerous. If you have a cancerous cell in your body it will multiply it at a quick rate,” she added.

Ryland has been told what she is doing is dangerous.

“Is it addictive? Yes because of the results you get. I've noticed when it leaves my body, I put weight on, I feel tired and less positive,” she added.

In 2014, a study by scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York suggested that using HGH could actually shorten one’s life. The study found that elderly people in their 90s with naturally low HGH levels had a better chance of living into their 100s than those with higher levels of the hormone.

But Ryland maintained that going to the gym failed to produce the results she wanted.

“You get to a certain level and then you need to get to the next level and you think, ‘how do I get there?’,” she said.

Ryland got breast implants when she was 17, but had to have emergency surgery after one of the implants burst.

She refuses to take medical advice about the risks posed by HGH.

“I have been told it is crazy and a massive risk. But if someone tells me not to do something, nine out of ten times I will go and do it,” Ryland said.

Ryland posts many selfies on her Twitter and Instagram page, admitting she takes “100 a day, at the gym, in bed, if I go somewhere. To me taking a selfie is like taking a breath.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Live Science / Photo credit: Jacqui Ryland via Daily Mail

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