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Woman's Breast Implant Pops During Game of Paintball

A 26-year-old British woman ruptured her breast implant during a game of paintball last weekend. She was reportedly playing paintball at Whyteleafe, south London, when the bizarre incident took place.

The incident is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK (It happens daily in Los Angeles). She reportedly has sought medical care, but other details are not known.

UK Paintball, which operates the facility, is now requesting that all female participants notify the paintball center in advance so that they can prepare extra protective padding to cover the breast area.

An extra line has been added to UK Paintball’s standard release form to make sure that all players are aware that paintballs can damage or rupture breast implants.

A UK Paintball spokesman told the Croydon Guardian, "Part of the fun of paintball is that it hurts a bit when you get shot but in all the years we've been going we've never seen an incident like this. The incident has been a real wakeup call and nobody should ever feel worried for their safety during a game of paintball. But it's worth remembering that having bigger breasts will make you an easier target for your enemies."


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