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Woman's Abortion Used Against Her in Child Custody Case, But Not Man's Massage Parlor Visits

Lisa Mehos, 38, had an abortion about a year after she divorced her husband Manuel John Meho, 59, in 2011.

At the time of their divorce, the wealthy banker/CEO granted Lisa sole custody of the couple’s two young children in New York City.

However, Manuel changed his mind after being charged with battering Lisa. According to Manuel, Lisa's black eye, fractured finger and hematoma were from botox injections.

The criminal charges were eventually dropped, but Manuel decided to go after custody of his children. 

The two are now in a custody fight, in which Manuel is trying to use Lisa's legal abortion as evidence that she is not fit to be a parent.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lori S. Sattler is allowing Lisa's abortion to be part of the high-profile custody case, notes the New York Daily News.

Manuel learned of the abortion when his lawyers subpoenaed Lisa's medical records. His lawyer Eleanor Alter claims that Lisa's abortion “calls her credibility into question” because she is a Catholic.

Lisa's lawyer, Emily Goodman, told Judge Sattler that her ruling to allow the abortion into the case was “scandalous and outrageous.”

But Judge Sattler said that Lisa previously testified she had never had any men over to her apartment and added, “I do find it to be relevant. The children were in her care at the time."

Lisa testified that she became pregnant because she slept with a longtime friend at his home once. Lisa also claims that her mother to stayed with the kids while she had the abortion.

“The court jumped at the chance to use the stigma of abortion to openly scorn, interrogate, and question my ability to be a worthy parent,” Lisa told

However, Judge Sattler will not allow into evidence Manuel’s alleged confession to a forensic psychologist that he was visiting massage parlors, where he paid for sex, which is a crime.

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