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Woman's 11th Mugshot Shows The Devastating Effects Meth Has On A User's Appearance (Photos)

A 25-year-old Florida woman was arrested for assaulting and stealing from her 84-year-old grandmother, but her latest crime is not what has people talking.

Brigitte Matzke, in what reports say is her eleventh mug shot in just three years, looks completely different than her very first one a few years back. In the most recent picture, Matzke’s face is covered in sores and she has clearly aged quite a bit at only 25 years old. Sadly, this paints a very real picture of the long-term effects of methamphetamine use.

Matzke’s latest arrest came after she reportedly tried to ask her elderly grandmother for money to spend the night at a hotel with her 26-year-old husband Alex Caldwell. The couple reportedly asked the woman for $80, and when she told them that she didn’t have it, Matzke proceeded to physically assault her by grabbing her, ripping her bra off and twisting her wrists. Before leaving the apartment, Matzke and Caldwell were able to take nearly $2,000 in jewelry.

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Later that same night, Matzke and Caldwell were arrested at a gas station and have each officially been charged with burglary, battery on a person 65 years or older, false imprisonment, grand theft, possession of methamphetamine, possession of amphetamines and tampering with a witness.

Although they may be disturbing, Matzke's various mug shots are an honest look at the effects of meth addiction.

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