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Woman Wins Right To Remove Testicles Of Dead Fiance

An Australian woman has been granted permission to remove the testicles of her late fiance to use his sperm to have a baby in the future. 

The day after a woman's fiance passed away in mid-April, she filed an application with the Queensland Supreme Court to have his testicles removed and preserved so she could use his sperm to be impregnated, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The couple met in September 2015 and were engaged the next month. They planned to get married in 2016 and were reportedly already trying to have a child.

Friends of the couple shared evidence in court to prove the couple desired to have a child together, the Daily Mail reports.

Justice Martin Burns approved the woman's request, but said she would have to file one more application before the sperm could be used. 

The man's testicles are being stored at an in vitro fertilization facility awaiting the final approval.

Sources: Australian Broadcasting CorporationDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Dovidena/Wikimedia Commons

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