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Woman With Severe Eczema Shares Her At-Home Treatment Secret

Sufferers of eczema know how uncomfortable and embarrassing the itchy and painful skin condition can be -- and how few treatments are effective. A 25-year-old British woman says she has discovered the miracle cure for her skin condition and it only costs three dollars.

Instead of shelling out big bucks for prescription creams, Amy-Louise James says she uses Quaker Oats and that the results of her at-home treatment have been dramatic, reports the Daily Mail.

James says she has suffered from eczema since she was 3 years old and that the condition causes her skin to become red and so itchy and dry that she often has to apologize to strangers for flakes of her skin that fall to the ground. She also says her wounds bleed and that she has to change her bed sheets daily because there is often blood on her sheets. The eczema was prominent both on her body and her neck and face. 

But things started looking up when James says she discovered the best treatment for her eczema was sitting on a shelf at her local grocery store.

"I'd use light treatment, different creams, medication, herbal remedies -- I'd tried everything," James told the Daily Mail. 

She says she became reliant on steroid cream, which can thin the skin and make a person even more prone to skin infections.

"If I had a flare up, I would use the cream all over then it would be at bay for two weeks," she said. "But when it came back it would be worse than ever." 

She has since stopped using steroid cream and says the most effective treatment by far has been a combination of Quaker Oats and goat's milk, which she calls "really soothing."

She mixes the Quaker Oats and goat's milk to make a face mask and even takes "oat baths" - putting the oats in old tights before getting into the tub.

"My face is much better now, and my stomach and legs, you can't even tell I've got it," she said. 

James has started a blog called Did Someone Say Cheese where she shares her story and helps others suffering from eczema feel supported in their struggle. 

Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: PA Real Life Features via Daily Mail,


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