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Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth In Wendy's Parking Lot

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A Pittsburgh woman who apparently didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth in a Wendy’s parking lot on April 27.

“We come looking out the door this morning, and it was the paramedics and the fire department,” Squirrel Hill Wendy’s general manager Melissa Brooks said. “The young lady had delivered a baby boy in the back seat of a jitney. That doesn’t happen every day.”

The woman reportedly gave birth in her car during the morning. When witnesses from the fast food chain went outside to check on the woman, they found that she had just finished giving birth to a baby boy.

A man was driving and there were other children in the car.

“She didn’t even know she was pregnant,” Brooks said.

Customers at the Wendy’s continued to discuss the event throughout the day. One man expressed his happiness that the employees and onlookers were kind to the woman.

Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Safety did not have any information on the condition of the woman or her baby.

Sources: WTAE, WPXI

Photo Credit: WPXI



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