Woman Goes to Hospital with Stomach Ache, Finds Out She is 6 Months Pregnant with Twins


An Iowa woman went to the hospital last week with a stomach ache. After being checked out, she was told that her ailment was, contrary to her belief, no stomach ache.

She was pregnant.

Furthermore, Shelby Magnani’s pregnancy was no ordinary pregnancy.

Daily Mail reports that hours after she was admitted to the hospital, she gave birth to a very rare set of monoamniotic twin girls. Monoamniotic twins have only a 50% survival rate because they share the same placenta and sac, which can lead to complications.

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“I had really sharp pain in my left side and went into the doctor, and they said we think you might be pregnant. They told me I was six months and told me to get down to the ER,” says Magnani. “They did an ultrasound and told me it was twins.”

“It’s pretty nuts, still sinking in,” said Magnani’s fiancé, James Croskey.

The twin girls, Ava and Anna, were born by C-section last Thursday and weigh a mere four pounds and three pounds each.

Daily Mail reports that the twins will spend the next several weeks in the NICU at Mercy Hospital Center in Des Moines. Other than some monitoring, the babies are expected to be okay; doctors expect they will be able to go home with their parents in a matter of weeks.

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(via Mail Online)

“They’re both just little miracles, it could have been so many things that went wrong that didn’t,” Magnani said.

Dr. Jennifer Krupp with Perinatal Center of Iowa explained just how rare an occurrence this type twins are, noting that “less than one percent of all twins are monoamniotic.”

“The entanglement of the cords is what we worry about,” Krupp added. “We bring the patients into the hospital at 24 to 26 weeks, so we can monitor the babies several times a day, because we know the risk of one or both of those babies dying is fairly significant.”

According to Fox, both Croskey and Magnani are still in school at DMACC for automotive technology. They told reporters that they want to open their own business after they graduate.

Sources: Mail Online, WhoTV

Photo Source: Mail Online


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