Woman Who Blamed Exhaustion On Being a New Mom Died from Diabetes

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A 26-year-old new mom assumed the fatigue and weight loss she was suddenly experiencing was the result of giving birth to her daughter five months ago. But to everyone’s shock and horror, she died unexpectedly and it was discovered she had been suffering from Type 1 diabetes all along.

Nicky Rigby, who is from the United Kingdom, felt tired, urinated frequently and dropped a lot of weight after she gave birth to daughter, Lily. She chalked these up to postpartum symptoms and, being a busy mom, didn’t give her health a lot of attention, reports Daily Mail. She visited the doctor once and was reportedly given iron tablets to help combat her fatigue.

Rigby was found unconscious by her fiancé, Mark Wilson, who says it was soon discovered that her esophagus had gradually deteriorated and that she died from diabetic ketoacidosis – the result of not taking the insulin she needed.

No one is sure whether her diabetes developed while she was pregnant or for how long she suffered from the disease. Wilson says Rigby complained of a stomach bug on his birthday, in July 2012. He went to check on her after she had been resting for some time and discovered she was “surrounded by black vomit.” He called an ambulance and attempted CPR, but she was unresponsive.

Soon after the paramedics arrived at their home, Wilson says he heard one of them say Rigby had passed away.

Wilson says his fiancée desperately wanted to be a mom and loved every moment of being with Lily, despite how the sleepless nights left her even more exhausted than most because of her untreated condition. He has placed photos of Rigby around the house and created a memory box for Lily, filled with items that remind him of her.

“I want Lily to look at the pictures of her mum and know she was a brilliant, fun person,” Wilson said. He also has a message for other new moms: “Please don’t battle on through exhaustion like my brave Nicky tried to do.”

Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Jill Brown/Flickr


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