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She Spends Thousands To Resemble Jessica Rabbit (Photos)

One woman in England grew bored of her “dull” look and decided to spend nearly $100,000 to resemble the likes of cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

“I had my kids and was dull and boring in my 20's and 30's and even 40s',” Bee Cameron, 52, said, reports the Daily Mail. “I decided in my 40s I wanted a new body, a new look, a new image and I wanted to be 30 again – 50 is the new 30 – people say that I have used plastic surgery to produce a body that proves it and I will have the latest and most radical surgeries just to see the effect.”

Cameron added that she was particularly drawn to Jessica Rabbit’s “50's sex appeal.”

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To achieve her goals, Bee has had numerous surgeries, ranging from three breast implants to liposuction and more – racking up thousands in debt.

Still, she has no regrets and plans on getting even more surgery.

“After I had my first Botox injection and some filler to get rid of bags under my eyes I saw my exhausted face given a new lease of life – I knew I wanted more,” she recalls.

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Bee says her operations since then have empowered her.

“I consider my body an ever changing work of art. I am not hurting anyone and I find the fact I can change and control my appearance empowering,” she said, adding that it also has made her more confident in her sexuality.

“Surgery boosts my confidence and I often get chatted up by men as young as 18. It's flattering, and no one believes me when I tell them how old I am,” Cameron added. “Now, I don't date anyone over 35, and have a great sex life as a result and I look forward to my procedures like someone looks forward to a date.”

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Cameron is currently preparing for her latest operation, known as a "Madonna Hand job," a procedure designed to eliminate signs of aging on one’s hands.

While she says she does face criticism, she does not let it affect her declaring, “It's my life and my body.”

She’s likely not the only woman in the U.K. who feels similarly.

According to The Private Clinic of Harley Street, England saw a 12.5% increase in plastic surgeries among women in 2015 alone, showing it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend.

Sources: Daily MailThe Private Clinic Of Harley Street / Photo credit: Real Life Story Agency via Daily Mail

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