Brooklyn Woman Loses Hair After Stylist Uses Wrong Hair Product (Photo)


A Brooklyn woman was horrified after a product mix-up at her usual salon caused her hair to fall out by the handful.

The oncology nurse, who is being referred to as “Bernice” as she asked not to be identified, went to her usual hair salon, The Best Dominican Stylist Salon in Brooklyn, New York, for a haircut. She told WPIX that she noticed her stylist Caesar was using a different product on her hair than he normally does.

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“When he applied the product in my hair I didn’t feel any sensation of my head,” she told WPIX. “He paused. He told me to rush to the sink. I went to the sink and he was speechless. He was like, ‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ I said, ‘Caesar is everything OK?’ And I touched the back of my head, and I felt like I had no hair on the back of my head.”

She asked the stylist for a mirror and asked him what happened and he frantically shouted, “Your hair is falling out! Your hair is falling out!”

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According to Bernice, Caesar then began speaking to the salon owner’s daughter in Spanish. According to Bernice’s Spanish-speaking friend, she told another employee of the salon to go out and buy the correct conditioner. But it was too late. Bernice had already lost clumps of hair and had bald spots all over her head.

Caesar repeatedly apologized to Bernice, but never revealed to her what he put in her hair.

“I know something was different,” Bernice said. “The smell was different, but I said, ‘You know every product is different. Maybe when they buy it in bundles …’ and I trusted him.”

According to Bernice, her dermatologist is confident that at least some of her hair should grow back. Without knowing what exactly was used in her hair it is difficult for the dermatologist to treat her.

Bernice is currently taking steroids to help hair grow back and she has retained a lawyer, WPIX reports.

Sources: WPIXDaily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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