Woman's Butt Twerks By Itself (Video)


Jana Stoner's butt seems to have developed a mind of its own (video below).

The former model from California claims her recently acquired rear end has started twerking all by itself, The Lad Bible reports.

Stoner underwent a butt implant surgery in Mexico that appears to have gone wrong.

During the procedure, doctors gave her butt DD breast implants that even feel like silicone breast implants, the Daily Mail reports.

Desperate to rectify the situation, she enlisted the help of the doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif on the E! Reality TV series, "Botched."

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Even Dubrow and Nassif were shocked when they asked their patient to shake her behind.

"Jana's butt implants are so big that when she twerks her buttock implants twerk independently of herself," said an amused Dubrow. "They have their own ZIP code!"

Both later admitted they found the situation funny.

"I am very serious in front of my patients," Nassif said off-camera. "So a lot of this stuff is inappropriate -- for me that is. Terry loves it all."

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The doctors agreed Stoner will need a butt lift to stop her butt from twerking.

"It has been a big obstacle in my life," a thrilled Stoner explains. "I am so relieved that somebody is willing to operate on my a--."

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But it would be such an extreme procedure that it will completely render Stoner's lower back tattoo invisible.

Stoner says she doesn't mind.

"I don't like this tattoo anyway, so you can just go ahead a take that puppy right off," she told the doctors.

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Recent years have seen an increase in butt implants, The Washington Post reports.

In 2014, statistics reveal a 98 percent increase in buttocks implants from the year before.

Experts explains celebrities like reality star Kim Kardashian may be the reason why.

"The media effect, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, are having a phenomenal effect on what patients want, what they are coming in and asking for," Scot Glasberg, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, reveals.

Sources: The Lad Bible, Daily Mail, The Washington Post / Photo credit: The Lad Bible

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