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Dentist Removes All Of Woman's Upper Teeth During Root Canal

Alison Divers woke up from a routine root canal 13 years ago to find that the dentist had removed all of her upper teeth.

To her horror, her 16 healthy teeth dangled above her in a plastic bag, reports the Sun.

“It was absolute torture," Divers told The Sun. "This isn’t something you think will happen to you in real life - it’s the stuff of nightmares.”

The former British army private was stationed in Germany when one of her teeth became infected. The army dentist referred her to a local dentist, where the 25-year-old encountered a language barrier but, “there were notes in front of him so I wasn’t too worried,” she said.

Divers does not handle anesthesia very well, so the dentist put her to sleep, she said. An hour later, she woke up to find a bag of teeth hanging above her head.

“When I woke up, it was like being on a horror picture,” she told Channel 5's Botched Up Bodies. “He had actually put all my teeth in a plastic bag above my head and I went mad."

Removing her teeth, which were healthy at the time, caused her intense physical and emotional pain.

“Where they weren’t rotten or anything, he’d actually forced them out,” she said. “They had to cut my gums to get some of them out. I couldn’t take it all in, I was mortified. I was so young, I was only 25 and he’d taken everything.”

Since the incident, Divers, who hates wearing dentures, was perpetually self-conscious. The 38-year-old avoided pictures and hated being seen in public.

“She won’t do something or she might not do something because of people looking at her,” her fiance Mark West said.

“It’s so sad to admit but my daughter is 14 now - and I’d never had a picture taken with her,” Divers told the Sun. “There are years of my life that I’ve missed - and I can never get them back.”

Divers recently had dental surgery that gave her new implants and a new beginning.

“I feel like I’ve missed part of my life but now people speak to me and I have confidence,” she said. “It’s just incredible."

After 13 years, she finally found closure to her nightmare.

Sources: The Sun, The Mirror
Photo Credit: Screenshot/Daily Mirror


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