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Woman Wakes From Coma To Give Birth To Baby Girl

A pregnant woman who was in a coma for nearly two weeks woke to give birth to her child.

Jenny Quiles, 36, was 33 weeks pregnant when she was struck by a tow truck while crossing the street on her way to a doctor’s appointment.

Jenny fell into a coma following the accident and was in critical condition; the child remained safe inside of her womb while she lay unconscious in her hospital bed.

After nearly two weeks in the coma, Jenny woke up. Days later, she went into labor, a month earlier than her expected due date.

Jenny gave birth to a healthy 6-pound baby girl, Angel Noemi Quiles, by C-section, Fox News.

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The Quiles’ doctor, Jennifer R. Gilby, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Women’s Care Florida, called Angel a “miracle baby.”

The baby, Gilby said, "is just thriving and doing well. She's on an excellent first step into this world, and I think she's going to do great."

Jenny’s husband, Angel Quiles, 35, was at the hospital for the child’s birth and plans to thank his wife for protecting their unborn child.

"When Jenny gets out of this," Angel said, "I'm going to thank her."

Jenny is currently in stable condition; her eyes are open and she is responding to stimuli, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

"She's improving every day," Gilby said. "I think now that she doesn't have to support a whole second entity, hopefully we'll see some improvements, as well. … In the last 48 hours, she's really become a lot more responsive than she was."

The accident has been investigated, and police spokesman, Mike Puetz, said the the truck driver, Shaun Carlton Downing, 27, is likely at fault in the crash. However, per Puetz, Downing may just receive a civil infraction. Downing was not speeding, or drunk, and had a valid license.

"There's nothing here that rises to a criminal act on his part," Puetz said.

As for the Quiles family, Angel is looking forward to getting their newborn baby girl into the arm’s of her mother.

"I want my wife to be normal because she wanted this so bad," Angel said. "I want Jenny to see the baby. Hopefully, that will snap her out of this. I need her back in my life.

"My hope is to see Jenny hold her baby girl and do what moms do best."

Photo Source: Angel Quiles via The Daily Mail


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