Woman Wakes From Coma Four Hours Before Family Planned To End Life Support (Video)


A Nebraska woman in a coma was hours away from her family turning off her ventilator and ending her life when she miraculously woke up.

Mother and grandmother, Teri Roberts, 56, had been in a spiraling coma for 12 days.

Four hours before her family planned to pull the plug, she opened her eyes, a few days before Christmas.

"She just magically woke up. Literally four hours before we moved to take her off life support," her son, Ryan Roberts, said at a press conference Thursday.

The Valley, Nebraska, family is calling the event a “Christmas miracle,” even if it comes with a harsh reality for Teri.

On Dec. 12, Teri thought she had the flu when, in fact, she was suffering from a rare skin bacterial infection, streptococcal toxic shock syndrome. Her body had to sacrifice all four of her limbs in order to save her organs, reports The New York Daily News.

It is unknown how she contracted the infection.

A quadruple amputation was being discussed before Teri woke from the coma, in case she should survive.

The harsh reality of her situation did not change once she woke as Teri wanted to live and accepted what needed to be done.

“He held up her hands so she could see them, and she shrugged and said ‘OK,’” nodding her head, recalled Ryan.

All four of Teri’s limbs were black with gangrene, reports Livewell Nebraska.

Ryan recalls what his mother said to his father after she woke up and heard the news.

"He said, 'mom woke up,'" Ryan said. "'She doesn't want to be with Andrea yet and she doesn't care if they cut off her hands and her feet.'"

Teri’s daughter, Andrea Kruger, 33, was murdered in 2013.

On Jan. 10, Teri had all four of her limbs amputated. Ryan said she was “in surprisingly good spirits.”

Teri does have moments where she forgets that she has no hands and tries to reach for something. Ryan finds it heartbreaking, but says she is eager to adapt and one day walk and drive again.

Teri will be moved to a rehabilitation center next week and eventually fitted with prosthetics.

The family does have insurance, but it will not cover all of the medical bills.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Teri with her treatment.

"Our goal is to support her through this journey and to ease the financial burden," it states.

As of this morning, $17,975 has been raised in 10 days of the needed $25,000.

Sources: The New York Daily News, Livewell Nebraska / Photo Source: GoFundMe


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