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Woman On Transplant List Gives Liver To Dying Stranger

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A Texas woman gave up the chance for a new liver to give it to someone in a more dire situation than her own.

Brenda Jones, a 69-year-old Dallas resident, had been on the transplant list for a year when her turn for a new liver finally arrived. Her life would continue because of someone else’s life ending.

“You kind of put that out of your mind that someone else is going so that you can have a second chance,” she told WXIA.

Jones got the call about her new liver on July 18, but doctors revealed to her that 23-year-old Abigail Flores was also a match for the one she’d be receiving. Flores, a stranger to Jones, wouldn’t live more than a day longer without a new liver. 

She was asked by her medical team if she’d be willing to stay on the transplant list a little longer so Flores could have a chance to live. 

“The doctor called me at 3:30 a.m. and he explained her situation and that she wouldn't be alive in a few hours, and that the liver I was going to get was a match for her,” she told KXAS. “All I could think about was that I had more time to wait a little longer on a liver and she didn't have any time. If I had taken the liver, and she had died when I could have saved her and got another liver, I just knew that's what I had to do.”

Jones said the decision was simple, as she felt she’d never be able to forgive herself if she decided to go through with her transplant.

“In my heart, I wouldn’t have been able to live with the liver if I had let this little girl die,” Jones said. “And I still had more time ... I would have been a very selfish person."

Flores told KXAS she was incredibly grateful for Jones’ selfless act.

“It makes me feel good because my husband and I, we just got married and we want to have kids," Flores said. "She gave me the opportunity to be able to do that later on in life.”

Just four days after the decision, Jones was matched with another liver and underwent her own life-saving transplant. 

“Everything just kind of fell right into line. I mean, you have to wait for a liver a long time. I had to wait four days and I was able to save her,” she said. 

Sources: WXIA, KXAS / Photo credit: Screenshot via WXIA

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