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Woman Has Massive Breast Reduction Surgery (Photos)

A Texas woman with size 36NNN breasts captured national attention after surgically reducing her size.

Kerisha Mark celebrated her 40th birthday undergoing the surgery, removing more than 15 pounds of tissue, KTRK reports.

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"I was like, happy birthday to me!" Mark said.

The woman had suffered from a medical condition known as Gigantomastia for years that gave her unusually large breasts, which she said caused her much embarrassment.

"My first time at boot camp, I did a jumping jack and my bra snapped," Mark said, adding that her large size also gave her headaches.

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“I could not run or jump or work out at all,” Mark added, reports The Washington Post. “I was very limited in a lot of things I could do. I mean, you can’t find a sports bra that size anyway.”

What’s more, she felt her breasts rendered the rest of her invisible - like the fact she is a school social worker, mother and wife.

“Women and men want to touch them to see if they are real. It's real intimidating," Mark said.

After much contemplation and prayer, she said she felt called to undergo surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose was even taken aback when he saw her.

"She is among the very largest, if not the largest patients for breast reduction," Rose said.

He added her large size already had left physical scars and would have simply hurt her further in the future.

"This indention she has from constant dragging and pulling,” he said, adding that, "Nobody could support all of this additional weight. She would have ended up almost like a hunchback given 30 more years."

After the three hour surgery, Marks said she initially felt grief.

"After I got home I did cry. It was almost like I mourned the death of them, it was like a divorce," Mark said.

However, now she feels like a new woman - and to many who know her, she almost is.

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"The first time my best friend saw me, she cried. When I stood up for the first time I felt so light,” Mark said.

She looks forward to new doors that will open for her now she has a smaller size.

"My first thing on the agenda is to purchase a beautiful bra," she said, before adding, "Live my life to the fullest without restrictions.”

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Sources: KTRKThe Washington Post / Photo credits: KTRK, Debbie Porter Photography via KTRK

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