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Woman In 'Unbelievable Pain' Finds Out What Newly Formed Marked On Her Leg Actually Is (Photos)

Woman In 'Unbelievable Pain' Finds Out What Newly Formed Marked On Her Leg Actually Is (Photos) Promo Image

A woman in England got quite a surprise after a spider bite left her with a wound that formed into a large blister.

Carelle Mowatt, 24, awoke on March 24 to find that a large blister had formed on her leg, Mirror reports.

The country singer did not initially go to a doctor, choosing instead to medicate herself with antihistamines. However, as time went on, the blister grew bigger and eventually burst open.

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It was then that she decided to find out what was happening with her leg.

“The next day, I plucked up the courage to see a doctor who told me it looked like a spider bite and was infected,” Mowatt recounted in her blog. “I started a course of antibiotics and had it bandaged every day.”

She continued: “The pain was absolutely unbelievable. I became nervous about anyone going near my leg. I wasn’t sleeping as I associated my bed with the bite.”

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Two weeks later, Mowatt was rushed to the hospital where she was given antibiotics as well as morphine for her pain.

“We put my pain down to a bad allergic reaction to a regular house spider bite,” she said.

A month later, however, her condition only grew worse.

“I had an actual hole in the side of my leg,” Mowatt said. “The bite had become necrotic. This is when your body can’t recover from a trauma, when there is inadequate blood supply and the cells have totally died.”

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A dermatologist scraped away the dead tissue from her leg in order to let living tissue grow.

“The pain was unbearable,” Mowatt said. “I had five people pinning me down. Unfortunately, the necrotic tissue was firmly glued to my leg. I was facing surgery.”

A plastic surgeon who specialized in spider bites told Mowatt that her wound was healing and that surgery could have risked further infection.

"A week later, the surgeon contacted me to say I should start letting air get to the bite and start showering too," Mowatt recounted.

"This felt like Christmas – an actual shower!” she added.

Her surgeon later informed her that he had to remove the dead tissue.

“The pain was crazy,” she said. “Then, my superhero alter ego kicked in. ‘Take it off now!’ I said. All I recall is the intense pain. But the necrosis was gone.”

She was later told that she was most likely bitten by a venomous spider, given the ferocity of the necrosis.

She now hopes that others will learn from her issues.

“If you see an alien blister appear, please go to the doctors … ,” Mowatt said. “Don’t leave it like I did."

Source: The Mirror, GetSurrey

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