Cancer Survivor Unable To Find Health Care Within 400 Miles Due To Obamacare Plan


One of the major issues with the American health care system is that it can be difficult to find a doctor that will accept a particular kind of insurance. Although this type of selectivity has been occurring for many years, it recently impacted a cancer survivor who had enrolled in Obamacare. 

The woman, Janet Grigg, had survived colon cancer and moved to Bryan County, Oklahoma to care for her aging mother, according to the Inquisitr. She enrolled in a health insurance plan through the marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act, ultimately choosing a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. 

When Grigg arrived at a doctor’s office for her annual cancer screening, she was informed that her plan would not be accepted and she was forced to pay for the visit with her own money. The staff also allegedly informed Grigg that she “would not find a doctor within a 400-mile radius from Dallas up to Oklahoma City that would in fact take the plan I had chosen.” 

According to the Daily Caller, Blue Cross Blue Shield issued a statement that included the following: “Because of the dramatic changes occurring within the health care industry, decisions for our existing customers that were once straightforward are not anymore due to many new options available to them.”

Grigg is in the process of changing her plan, but her story is one of many unfortunate instances in which the overall plan for Obamacare to reduce premiums and provide wider access to health care has not worked. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Caller


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