Woman Suing Doctors After Abortion Leads To Limb Amputations


A French woman has filed a lawsuit against a team of doctors who partially amputated her arms and legs after performing an abortion on her.

In 2011, Priscilla Dray was admitted to a hospital in Bordeaux to undergo an abortion, and following the same-day procedure, she was able to return home to rest. The next day, however, she started to exhibit strange symptoms, including muscle pain and a fever.

When Dray returned to the hospital, a doctor did some blood work and sent her back home. Her condition worsened and not long after, she was diagnosed with septicemia, which is when the body has a severe, life-threatening reaction to bacteria or other germs in the body. Doctors prescribed Dray antibiotics and asked her to return to the hospital.

In order to save her life, doctors were forced to amputate the woman’s feet, left hand and right forearm. Now, Dray and her husband have filed a lawsuit against the hospital for not prescribing her antibiotics early enough. Three years later, the hospital is not commenting on the lawsuit, but Dray and her husband hope that by bringing their story public, the team responsible for her condition will be brought to justice.

Sources: The Local, Sud Ouest, Breitbart


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