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Woman Sues Hospital After Doctors Forced Her To Have A C-Section And Wound Up Perforating Her Bladder

A Staten Island woman is suing a hospital after two doctors forced her to have a C-section against her will.

35-year-old Rinat Dray was pregnant with her third child when she went into labor at Staten Island University Hospital. After already having two previous C-sections, Dray informed her doctors that she wanted to give birth naturally. The doctor tried to insist that she have a C-section, but despite his suggestion, Dray was firm on her choice. Eventually, after hours of attempting to deliver the baby naturally, Dr. James J. Ducey signed a note saying, “I have decided to override her refusal to have a C-section.”

Dray made clear that she wanted to have a natural birth due to the high risk of complications that could come with a C-section, and unfortunately, after the doctors forced her to undergo the procedure, she did develop complications. During the C-section, Dray’s bladder was mistakenly perforated,

In the lawsuit, Dray describes how the doctors seemed to ignore her pleas to stop.

“I was begging, give me another hour, give me another two hours,” said Dray, adding that in the midst of her pleas, Dr. Leonid Gorelik, the doctor that delivered her baby, said, “Don’t speak.”

Three years later, both Dray and her child are healthy, but the mother is still going ahead with the lawsuit, claiming that the hospital “improperly substituted their judgement for that of the mother” and even went so far as to “threaten and pressure” her.

Despite the serious accusations, Dr. Gorelik has consistently denied that he performed the surgery against Dray’s will. 


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