Woman Sues after Voice Teacher Convinces Her to Take Her Clothes Off, Touch Herself In Class

A young woman is suing a Washington state community college vocal instructor after he convinced her to take off her clothes and touch herself sexually during a class as part of a “study” on how sexual stimulation may impact vocal range.

The incident occurred two years ago at Tacoma Community College, when 38-year-old music instructor Kevin Gausepohl allegedly manipulated the then 17-year-old girl. Apparently, once she realized it was all a ruse, she filed a report with the school and Gausepohl resigned from his position. He was also charged with seven misdemeanor counts of immorally communicating with a minor and one count of obstruction of justice.

Before Gausepohl was sentenced, prosecutors reached a deal with him and said they would drop the charges if he was able to stay out of trouble for a year. Gausepohl successfully kept his side of the agreement, and so prosecutors officially dropped the charges early May.  

The girl, however, identified only as “S.N.,” was less than pleased with this, so she filed her own lawsuit against Gausepohl, the school, and the state of Washington. The lawsuit claims none of the defendants did enough to protect her following the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, The News Tribune


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