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Woman Suddenly Begins Farting Out Of Her Vagina, Doctors Give Her The Bad News

When Macedonian cancer survivor Jasminka Velkovska showed up for surgery, she was probably nervous and prepared for the worst.

With the various potentially life-threatening risks that often come with operations, it's only natural.

Yet nothing could prepare Velkovska for the actual outcome of her surgery: a farting vagina.

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Instead of removing the cancerous cells, surgeons at the September 8th Hospital accidentally attached the patient's vagina to her colon, the Daily Mail reports.

"While I was recovering, doctors came and asked me if I was passing gas, and I said yes, but it’s coming out of my vagina," recalls Velkovska. "They told me that it would soon pass and I would be ok, but stuff had started to come out of my vagina and I was feeling scared and it was all very unpleasant."

Although they agreed to pay Velkovska roughly $33,000, the hospital has not yet delivered the full sum.

Now, after announcing she may sue the hospital, Velkovska has captured international attention forcing her to talk about her unusual condition in public.

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Some found the situation amusing while others are appalled.

"OK, it's awful and glad it's been resolved but, sorry, the story is hilarious!!," wrote one Facebook user on The Daily Mail's Facebook post about the incident. "Hands up who didn't raise even a slight smile?"

"It's strange how something can be horrendous and somehow hilarious at the same time," another person added.

However, others thought it was in poor taste to laugh at what happened to Velkovska.

"Nothing about this story is even the least bit funny," a woman added. "Terrible that people are laughing at this poor woman..yall realize she had cancer and then a botched matter the circumstances we live in a terrible world that people find humor in somebody's suffering..."

Yet while some were divided on whether it was appropriate or not to laugh, many agreed Velkovska should sue the hospital.

"Poor woman!!," wrote one user. "She should sue, definitely deserves a [large] amount. Can't imagine the pain & discomfort she went though. To think there are people out there that sue over little toothaches..& get paid."


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