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'It Was Really Scary': Woman Gets Unpleasant Surprise In Bag Of Bananas (Photo)

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A care worker in England received the shock of a lifetime after a scorpion she reportedly found in a pack of bananas stung her last Thursday.

Kita Fitton, 20, was packing lunches for her home residents when a scorpion stung her, according to The Daily Mail. She discovered the insect when she took her hand out of a packet of bananas and a scorpion fell out. The insect’s stinger was allegedly still in her skin and rendered her unable to feel anything.

“I’m a brave person,” Fitton said, according to the Daily Mail, “but it was really scary. It felt like a bee sting but at least 40 times worse.

"The pain was extortionate — it was so painful, I thought I was going to die at one point.”

(via Kara Fitton's Facebook page)

Fitton went to the hospital, where doctors prescribed her pain medicine.

“At first, in hospital, they thought it was a joke, as no one gets stung by a scorpion in England,” she said. “They asked me if it was my pet that had done it.

"But I’d taken a picture of it and we had done our research in the waiting area — we told them it was a black-edged scorpion from Costa Rica.”

The pack of bananas was purchased from a Tesco store. The grocery store chain initially offered Fitton a full refund on her bananas. However, they have since told reporters that they will investigate the incident.

“After complaining to Tesco, someone came to collect the packaging for investigation and offered to refund the [money] … which I found a bit insulting,” Fitton said. “Imagine if children had come into contact with it, it could have been so much worse.”

Fitton works at a home for young men with learning difficulties and had been packing lunches for them at the time.

"The scorpion could have even ended up in one of their lunchboxes," she said.

The scorpion reportedly stung Fitton’s middle finger on her left hand. She began shouting for help after the stinging, prompting residents and co-workers to run to her aid. One of them killed the scorpion with a shoe before putting it inside of a sandwich bag.

“I went into shock, my arm went numb and my heart was racing,” she said. “My heart rate was just under 100 beats per minute, two hours after I'd been stung.

"My finger had swelled a bit and it looked a bit like a bee sting. There was a hole where the sting had been and there's still a scab now.”

A spokesman for Tesco made a statement regarding the issue recently, saying, “We set ourselves the highest standards for the quality of our produce. Our customer service team is investigating this enquiry and will update our customer as soon as possible.”

Source: The Daily Mail, Kita Fitton on Facebook

Photo Credit: WikiCommons, Sharon Mollerus/Flickr


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