Florida Woman Steals from Store, Leaves Baby Behind


By Vivian Manning Schaffel

O. M. G. This story will first make you laugh, then immediately shake your head and tsk in disbelief.

According to WPBF.com, 23-year-old Florida mom Crystal Whitaker managed to stash away over $250 worth of merchandise in a JCPenney dressing room. But when a store employee ran interference at the store's front door, Whitaker, along with a teenaged accomplice, fled on foot across the parking lot -- leaving her 10-month-old baby behind, right there on the sidewalk!

Police said that while Whitaker and the teen were running, they threw all of the stolen merchandise to the ground -- along with Whitaker's purse and identification.

Can you say, "DUH"?

Whitaker was arrested on shoplifting and child-neglect charges.

A police officer interviewed by video on WPBF.com said, "Should you really have to tell somebody not to take your child to commit a crime, let alone put your child in that kind of danger?"


I guess in Whitaker's world, "every day matters" ... just not everyone!


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