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Woman Spends $20,000 A Year To Look Like Barbie (Photos)

One woman in California says she spends $10,908 every six months to look Barbie.

Bartender Carly Mersola, 25, has spent thousands on tanning, lip injections, hair extensions and more in order to look like the doll, the Daily Mail reports.

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“I want to look as plastic as possible,” she explains. “It's all about being a living doll, expressing yourself and being happy. I love the attention, people looking at me thinking I look good.”

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Now she plans on undergoing surgeries to help her achieve those goals.

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“I still want my boobs bigger, maybe a 36G,” Mersola said. “I want a Brazilian bum lift for a more shapely butt and Botox to smooth out the lines in my face and breast implants too.”

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She says living in such a manner has made her happier.

“When I had brown hair I would dress in black all the time, wouldn't wear make-up and didn't like the way I looked,” she said.

Mersola adds her boyfriend, 45-year-old drummer Chris DeLisa, does not pressure her.

If anything, she says, he preferred her natural look.

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“Chris actually preferred me looking less plastic but he knew that changing my appearance made me happier,” she explained. “I would look at girls on Instagram and online who look like Barbies and think, 'That's my goal.' So I went for the drastic change of dying my hair -- and felt so much better about myself.”

Since then, she’s had over 26 hair extensions, costing $8,500 every six months.

She’s also had plenty of work done on her lips.

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“Having big lips makes me feel so much more confident and happy. I had thin lips before and was so unhappy about it,” she said, adding that she is now focused on losing weight.

Yet, at least in that respect, she doesn’t want to look too much like Barbie.

“Looking exactly like Barbie might be unattainable because being so tiny isn't healthy,” she said. “For me it's the hourglass figure, with a big bust, big hips and a little waist. I like wearing high-heels to make my legs look longer and have tanned skin. I like to stand out with my looks.”

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She’s not the first woman who has spent thousands to resemble Barbie.

Mother-of-five from Ohio Nannette Hammond, 42, says she has spent half-a-million dollars to look like the doll.

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