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Woman Spends $120,000 To Look Like Cartoon Character Jessica Rabbit (Photos)


A model spent $120,000 on 15 surgeries to make her waist smaller and to look like a cartoon character.

According to the Daily Mail, Pixee Fox, a 25-year-old model from Sweden, underwent several procedures, including a $9,000 surgery to have six of her lower ribs removed in an attempt to shrink her waist to 14 inches so she could have a figure like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

“Those cartoon characters represent the [idealization] of the female body,” Fox explained. “I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face. Having my ribs removed was just another step in achieving that ideal.”

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Fox, who lives in North Carolina, had the five-hour procedure in Indianapolis at the hands of Dr. Barry Eppley. The surgery is typically performed for medical reasons, but can be done for cosmetic purposes after consultation.

“Getting my ribs removed has always been a dream of mine,” Fox said.

“But it was really hard, almost impossible, to find a surgeon to do it. The only reason I have been able to do it now is that doctors finally started taking me seriously. They they can see I'm not a crazy person and that I know what I'm doing.”

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Though recovery was expected to take six weeks, Fox was reportedly back to her normal routine just two days after the surgery — and even began wearing a corset.

“I can see the results and feel the difference,” she said. “Before the corset would push against the ribs, which makes it harder and more painful to wear. Now I can wear it even tighter without any pain. I think I am pretty close to the world record for smallest waist.”

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Fox said many of her fans, including the 70,000 followers she has on Instagram, have expressed concern for her, reports the New York Daily News. She addressed her followers in a recent Instagram post. 

“I know the concern but I think my health is much better than most people in the western world today,” she wrote.

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“I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. I eat only organic food and workout. I try not to take any other meds than antibiotics after surgery because I don’t want to poison my body. Not even pain meds. Yes, I do surgery because it is a passion of mine. I love it and it makes me feel great.”

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News / Photo credit: Screenshots via Daily Mail

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