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Woman Sparks Controversy With College Graduation Breastfeeding Photo

A 25-year-old woman has inadvertently sparked controversy online after posting a picture of herself breatfeeding her child at her college graduation.

Karlesha Thurman graduated from California State University, Long Beach, and during the ceremony, she had a picture of her snapped wearing her cap and gown and breastfeeding her child. The Facebook page “Black Women Do Breastfeeding” posted the picture, and soon after it went viral. Now, people on social media are expressing their mixed reactions to the photo.

“I'm all for breast feeding,” wrote one user on Twitter. “But at a graduation come on y'all that was inappropriate.”

Others, however, applaud the woman for doing what she had to do.

“Everyone seems to be missing the point... this woman managed to graduate from college after having a child, which can't be an easy feat. God forbid the HUMAN LIFE SHE CREATED needed sustenance,” wrote one BuzzFeed user. “Breasts were made to feed babies in order to keep them alive. Just because you look at them as sexual objects and are uncomfortable seeing them outside of a bedroom doesn't make it ok to shame others. And a grown woman having sex doesn't make her a slut, it makes her a person. Get over yourselves. Rock it girl! And congrats on managing to obtain a degree while being a mommy!”

What do you think? Is this picture inappropriate, or is it time that people get over their weird feelings towards breastfeeding?

Sources: Buzzfeed, International Business Times


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