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Woman Shares Soccer Mom's Reaction To Daughter's Missing Eye (Photos)

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In a new blog that went viral, a woman shared the unfortunate reaction a soccer mom had to her daughter’s missing eye.

In her post, the woman — who runs a blog called FullPlateMom — began by including a photo of her daughter, Poppy, who was born with a benign tumor in her left eye. Though the tumor, known as a descemetocele, can be removed in the first days after a birth, Poppy’s tumor remained until she was 22 months old.

“It grew in a cyclic pattern, growing and growing until it would burst, pressure would release, and the cycle would begin again,” she explained.  “At the most painful part of this cycle, the tumor would grow to a few cell layers thick.  Blinking was enough to rupture the tumor.”

According to FullPlateMom, Poppy — who was born in China and adopted at 22 months — received a surgery soon after being adopted to remove her eye and replace it with an implant. She explained that Poppy now wears a special eye-colored shield that reportedly took nine months to make.

“Her tumor, which should have been dealt with at days old, stretched her eye socket in ways the ocularist (eye prosthesis expert) has never had to deal with,” she wrote. “Creating the perfect shield for Poppy has been a challenge. We’ve had 12 different shields so far. The latest one isn’t a good fit. She hates it. She often takes it out and prefers to wear nothing.”

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One day during a trip to watch her brothers play soccer, Poppy’s shield came out while she was asleep in her car seat. Her mother transferred her to a stroller before putting the shield back in, hoping nobody would notice.

“Someone noticed. As I slipped her shield in, the lady behind us turned to look and let out a loud, 'OH MY GOD!' and then, because she had been so loud, many others turned,” she wrote.

“Instead of apologizing for her outburst, she decided to defend it by saying 'Good lord, that caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready for that. Phew. Well, look at that! Now that it’s in, you can’t even tell she doesn’t have an eye! Thank goodness. That was so awkward.'"

FullPlateMom went on to express her frustration with the soccer mom for her over-the-top reaction.

“I’m so sorry I caught you off guard. I’m so glad you won’t have to be faced with my daughter’s difference again. I live to make sure that you don’t have to feel awkward. Sigh,” she wrote.

“Poppy didn’t understand any of what was said. She was more interested in getting down and playing in the grass. My older kids, who would have noticed, were already on the field, engrossed in the soccer game, and for my littlest kids, they could care less (sic). They adore our Poppy and are never shocked by her appearance, even when she had her eye tumor.”

In light of the reaction from a fellow mom, Poppy’s mother said she decided to let her daughter go a full day without a shield.

“I don’t care how awkward people feel. I care about her, and her comfort,” she said. “This shield is uncomfortable. I won’t inflict it upon her anymore just for soccer moms who are caught off guard.”

Sources: Yahoo Parenting, FullPlateMom / Photo credit: Yahoo Parenting


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