8 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight


In the December issue of Woman’s Day (on newsstands November 23) Joy Bauer, as part of the ongoing "Slim Down with Joy Bauer" column, offers eight great ways to avoid extra pounds so that weight loss does not become your New Year’s resolution:

Eat Breakfast: Having a meal first thing in the morning (especially one high in protein) will prevent overeating later in the day.

Have a Snack: A few hours before a meal, grab a small snack, such as an apple, so you aren’t starving when the food is set in front of you.

Follow the Rule of One: Keep your portions under control. Try a little of everything, but make sure to stick to one full, but not packed, plate of appetizers, one for your meal, one alcoholic drink, and one small serving of dessert.

Watch the Drinks: Alcohol is often packed with calories and lowers inhibitions, so stick with the wine, spritzers, or light beer, and stay away from mixed drinks like a vodka tonic.

Nosh Not: While you are cooking, keep the nibbling to a minimum and grab some raw veggies instead.

Send Leftovers Packing: Wrap up any extras that might be tempting, and pass them along to your guests.

Move, Move, Move: Keep the exercise up – it not only burns all those calories, but it reduces stress, which also seems to increase during the holidays.

Joy’s bottom line is --

* Don’t arrive hungry

* Go easy on the appetizers and alcohol

* Forgive a slip-up

With these hints you’ll be sure to make it through the holidays without taking on any unwanted pounds.


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