Woman Secretly Records Doctors During Surgery (Video)


A Houston, Texas, woman secretly recorded doctors while they were operating on her and what she found was infuriating (video below).

Ethel Easter needed hernia surgery but had to wait two months. When inquiring about it, the surgeon started to yell at her, making Easter cry.  

“I was appalled, I was distraught, I was violated thinking that I’m lying there naked after the surgery, and they have me still uncovered talking over my body like this,” Easter told ABC News.

Another doctor told the woman that the doctor had written negative comments in her file, so Easter decided to investigate further, according to Little Things.

She came up with an ingenious way to record the surgery by hiding a camera in her hair since she would be naked and unconscious during the procedure.  

Easter was left humiliated after hearing what the doctors and staff said about her during the surgery. They made fun of her body size and belly button and called her difficult while laughing at her.

In the recording, you can hear a doctor saying, “She’s a handful.”

“Did you see that belly button,” a female staff member remarks while giggling.

Another doctor says, “Round and round we go, wheel of annoying patients we go.”

“Precious, yes. This is precious over here saying hi to precious over here,” says another doctor, supposedly comparing Easter to the main character in the movie “Precious.”

Easter says the doctors were racially profiling her as an African American woman, reports ABC News.

“They had no right to say those things over my body,” said Easter. “It was unprofessional, and it was wrong.”

The hospital, Harris Healthcare, sent a letter to Easter saying it will hold its doctors to a higher standard and has alerted staff to be mindful “of comments at all times.” The hospital, however, says no further action is being taken in relation to the situation.

In a separate incident, a Virginia anesthesiologist was recorded saying, “Really after five minutes of talking to you in pre-op, I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little” when the patient accidentally left his iPhone recorder on during a colonoscopy.

Dr. Tiffany Ingham was ordered to pay the man $500,000 in damages.

Sources: Little Things, ABC News/YouTube / Photo credit: ABC News/YouTube

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