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Woman Receives Online Donations To Pay For Breast Implants

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When you think of the word 'donations,' you probably picture the local humane society, the Red Cross, or another non-profit organization looking for money to fund their work. A new category of donations has risen, however, thanks to the internet. Using sites like, users can request online donations to fund anything they desire – even plastic surgery!

A 28-year-old woman in Florida recently paid for her breast implants at record-setting speed through donations made online. She set her goal of $200 a day, and paid for breast implants in under 2 weeks. The previous record set by was 18 days, set back in 2008. Jason Grunstra, the website's co-founder, says "This year we’re on pace to pay for 300 free breast augmentations, which on average takes about four-to-six months for women to fund. Thirteen days is simply amazing!"

How does paying for cosmetic surgery through these 'social funding sites' work? The premise is built on social networking. Such sites provide a platform for women to fundraise, gathering donations from friends and family through social networking, as well as from donors who wish to make a difference in a stranger's life. The services provide an alternative to traditional bank loans. Since being founded in 2005, members of have reportedly raised more than $8 million to pay for plastic surgery.

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