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Woman With Psoriasis Uploads Selfies In Effort To Embrace Skin Condition

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U.K. woman Giorgia Lanuzza has suffered from psoriasis since the age of 13 and now hopes to inspire others who have the condition.

Lanuzza, 24, used to hate the stares she got from strangers. Now, she’s learned to appreciate the beauty of her own skin.

The young woman admitted that during her teens she felt like a “freak” and would cover herself in layers to prevent anyone from seeing her splotchy skin.

“My psoriasis looks like red, raised spots and people looked at me as if I was disgusting and they might catch something,” Lanuzza said. “People would stop and stare at me in the street.”

Lanuzza explained that the condition was probably caused by the death of her father, since psoriasis is often triggered by trauma.

“We were so close when I was growing up, and I couldn’t bear losing him,” Lanuzza said.

The more Lanuzza worried, the worse the condition would get. Finally, when she was forced to cancel a trip to Thailand because the heat affected her condition, Lanuzza decided to stop being embarrassed about it.

The 24-year-old said she knew she had to make psoriasis “work” for her instead of becoming a slave to the condition.

Lanuzza recently decided to compile photos of herself in bikinis and skimpy clothing without editing out her scabs and marks. The young woman said she is proud of them and never plans on hiding again.

Lanuzza now plans to create a Facebook page where others can share pictures of their skin conditions and challenge traditional beauty norms. 

Sources: Metro, Yahoo

Photo Credit: Yahoo


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