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Woman With Prosthetic Leg Receives Hateful Note About Parking In Handicapped Spot

A woman was shocked when she noticed a note left on her car blasting her for parking in a handicapped spot.

Natasha Hope-Simpson, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, usually parks in a handicapped parking space across the street from her job, and although it may not look like she has a disability, Hope-Simpson walks around with a prosthetic leg ever since a hit-and-run driver ran over her leg.

Even though she has a legal and official handicapped parking permit hanging from her windshield, an anonymous person who had witnessed Hope-Simpson parking in the spot day after day decided that they were going to leave her a note expressing their outrage.

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“I have a video of you walking away from your car on numerous occasions, you are not handicapped,” the angry notes reads. “The next time you park here I will forward the video’s [sic] to police with your license plate number. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!”

Hope-Simpson was shocked to find the letter, and disability advocates say that the cruel note should not be accepted.

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“It's really none of our business whether they run out of the car, or crawl out of the car,” disability advocate Tova Sherman told CBC News. “Great example is people who live with fibromyalgia — chronic pain — it is episodic, meaning it comes and it goes.”

Despite the hostile note, Hope-Simpson says she’s actually taking the whole thing as a compliment.

“I'm kind of flattered about that, because I've been working pretty hard on my walk to make it look natural,” the woman admitted.

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The person who left the note has yet to be identified.

Sources: CBC News, Q13 Fox / Photo Source: CBC News


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