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Woman in the Netherlands Develops Foot Orgasm Syndrome

A 55-year-old woman from the Netherlands developed a unique neurological condition where orgasms would be triggered by the touch of her foot.

The orgasms were involuntary, and started in her left foot. The sensation would travel to her leg and her vagina, sparking an orgasm. She said they happened five or six times a day.

"She felt terrible about it," study author Dr. Marcel D. Waldinger said. 

It started when she spent weeks in an ICU for a sepsis infection. Once she came out of her coma, she complained that there were tingling and burning feelings in her left foot.

Nerves related to the foot and the vagina enter the spinal cord at the same level, so the research team believes her brain could not identify the difference between the sensations that started in her left foot and those which came from her vagina.

So every time her foot was stimulated, the brain thought it was "actually coming from the vagina."

Fortunately, the woman was able to stop her orgasms by getting an injection of anesthetic into the corresponding spinal nerve.

Researchers say this was the first time they have encountered this type of condition, but they believe there are more people with it out there.

"Hopefully, your experiences may contribute to a better knowledge of this so-far difficult to understand relationship between the foot and the genitals," Waldinger said.

Sources: NY Daily News, Huffington Post


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