Woman Needed Heart Surgery After Consuming One Energy Drink A Day

A young woman needed heart surgery after consuming just one energy drink everyday.

Charlotte Aston from Brixham, England, was diagnosed with an abnormally fast heart rate after collapsing at her home.

"About three months after my 18th birthday, I was just sat at home relaxing when, without any warning, I suddenly collapsed," Aston said, according to the Daily Mail. "I sat on the floor and fell against the sofa. I was semi-conscious, but I think the shock of what was happening made me faint. I could feel and see my heart jumping out of my chest."

She said doctors believed her condition stemmed from the energy drink she consumed every day in between shifts at work, The Sun reports.

"The doctors went through my entire medical history and everything I ate and drank and concluded it was the energy drinks," Aston said. "It never occurred to me they would cause a problem."

When doctors told her that she was suffering from a heart condition, Aston said she was young, in shape and had never had any health problems before.

As a result of the constant monitoring her health required, Aston was unable to move out of her parents' home, go to college or learn to drive. She also had to quit her job as a teaching assistant because of the stress it exerted on her heart.

"I was only in [the hospital] for one night, but every attack I had to go back in for them to sort it out, which was every couple of weeks," Aston said.

Her condition, supraventricular tachycardia, caused her heart rate to increase to up to 247 beats per minute, about three times above the normal level.

Ultimately, Aston had to undergo laser ablation surgery to correct her heartbeat. Her heart stopped eight times during the procedure.

“Mum said I was half dead," Aston said. "We discussed my funeral. My parents had to care for me. Mum would dry my hair because I didn't have the energy to do it myself."

Now, at age 23, Aston's health has improved. She spends 10 hours a week volunteering with various groups, including youth organizations.

"The children react with disbelief and shock when I tell them what happened to me," Aston said.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: reynermedia/Flickr

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