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Woman With Muscular Dystrophy Applies For Modeling Job With Diesel As A Joke And Gets It

Jillian Mercado, a fashion blogger and the editor of We The Urban, has muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair-bound. She applied to be a fashion model for the clothing company Diesel as a joke -- and got the job.

Mercado responded to a casting call by Diesel who was looking for young, hip models that represented a variety of backgrounds, reports 22 Words.

Diesel responded positively to the pictures she sent them.

"We are kind of interested in having you in the campaign,” Diesel wrote, requesting she send more pictures.

Mercado was chosen to be a part of Diesel's 'We Are Connected' campaign, along with 22 others. Her photo is now featured on Diesel's homepage, and is coming soon to their stores.

She sees being used in the campaign, and it not hiding her disability, representing something much greater than just an advertisement, reports the Daily Mail.

"I know some people look at me and say 'Oh wow, I can’t believe you’re doing this' and in my head I think, 'Why don’t you believe me?' I went to college, I did what everyone else did to follow their dreams," said Mercado.

Diesel’s artistic director Nicola Formichetti has said Mercado was his favorite cast member of the campaign.

"It’s never easy for her to move from point A to point B, but she’s totally fearless and has really been an inspiration to me," said Formichetti. "You don’t have to be a conventional model type to represent a brand."

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