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Woman Makes Horrific Discovery In Bellybutton (Video)

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A woman was shocked to discover a giant blackhead had formed in her bellybutton, and a horrifying clip showed the moment it was extracted from inside of her (video below).

In the clip, a pair of tweezers is applied to the woman’s bellybutton in an attempt to extract the object that is inside. The person extracting the object makes several attempts to no avail, before finally yanking it out and setting it down.

Upon closer examination, the object appears rather large and a dark gray color.

“9 months ago my sister noticed something in her belly button, but thought nothing of it. Saturday I noticed something that looked like hair hanging out of her belly button. she resisted, but I got in there realizing that it was much more than hair. this is the end product of what we pulled out of her belly button. we think its called an umbolith. enjoy!” the video description read.

Jamie Davis, the woman who had the object extracted from her bellybutton, recalled the disgusting incident to KOKH.

“I noticed my bellybutton had something in it,” Davis, of Moore, Oklahoma, said. “I tried getting it. I failed. then my sister saw it and forced me to try again. It did hurt, but it stopped after a few minutes."

The object is believed to be an omphalolith -- a stone that grows in the navel due to an accumulation of sebum and keratin. 

WARNING: Graphic video.

Sources: KOKH, Jamie Davis/YouTube / Photo credit: KOKH

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