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Woman Loses Over 100 Pounds After Being Heckled By Comedian

A dental nurse weighed around 250 pounds and wore a size 22 dress when she went to a comedy show that changed her life.

Amy Gordon was at a stand-up comedy show with a friend when the comedian started making jokes about fat girls. He looked over and noticed Gordon sitting there and, to use her as an example, said, “Here’s one!”

Gordon recalls being humiliated as the entire crowd laughed, so upon returning from the show, she made a commitment to lose weight and get healthy.

“That night shattered me,” Gordon said. “From then on, all I wanted was to lose weight. Fast.”

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For some time, Gordon went through the experience of yo-yo dieting and had periods where she would starve herself, lose a good amount of weight, and put it right back on. Two years ago, she found herself desperate and still wearing a size 22, so she finally committed to losing the weight, and in a year, she was down to a size 14.

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“I hadn’t been that slim since I was about 12 years old and I started taking more interest in my appearance, like having my dark hair lightened was a big step,” said Gordon.

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Now, Gordon weighs around 120 pounds less than she did at her highest, and she’ll soon be featured on the cover of the December issue of Weight Watchers magazine.

Sources: Metro UK, Mirror UK


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