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Woman Living off Water for More than a Month Decides to Stop

A woman who tried to live off of nothing but water for up to six months is now calling off her experiment after 47 days.

Naveena Shine, 65, of Redmond, Wash., stopped eating food on May 3 to explore breatharianism. Breatharianism is a concept that food is not necessary for nourishment, as sunlight can provide all the sustenance we need.

Doctors have warned that the human body cannot survive off of sunlight alone, but Shine was determined to try her experiment. 

Ultimately, she decided to start eating food again because she realized she might be encouraging others to starve themselves.

She said she did not want to be responsible for others trying to "live on light."

"Somebody doing this without all of that in place is synonymous to watching a tightrope walker high in the air, admiring them and thinking you can do it too," she said. "If I got up there and tried to copy them, the result would be instant death."

Shine said she is going to start slowly eating on June 19. Forty-five days after she started her diet, she lost 20 percent of her body weight and went from 159 pounds to 126.

Currently, Shine is only drinking water and tea with a splash of milk and has started taking daily vitamin supplements. 

Side effects of her diet include "sensations of bile" at the back of her throat, sickness, nausea and constipation. 

She also noted that it has negatively affected her social life.

"My friends had a barbecue tonight," she said. "I could not actually smell it but I could hear them all having a good time. They did send me their love but no steak. Food is such a social connection that to give up the addiction to food also requires learning how to interact in a non-food situation."

She added: "Imagine going to a wedding or a party or a buffet and not eating! I don't even want to think of it!"

She had originally hoped that her efforts to eat no food would keep her financially afloat with donations from others, but she has only received $425 in contributions.

She also maxed out her credit cards by buying equipment for the experiment, including eight security cameras that watch her every move, proving she does not have any food.

Her first meal will be "lemon juice for vitamin C and a spoonful of maple syrup in warm water for energy." She then plans on moving onto liquify vegetables like spinach and zucchini sauteed in water.

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook


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