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Woman Left With Severe Brain Damage After Doing Something Girls In America Do Every Single Day

The family of a Florida woman whose breast implant surgery left her permanently brain damaged is asking the public for help.

Linda Perez, 21, was 18 years old when she paid Coral Gables Cosmetic Center $2,800 for breast implants in 2013, the Daily Mail reports.

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Minutes after the surgery was completed, the Perez fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital where she would remain in a coma for three months, the GoFundMe page set up for her says.

It was later revealed the doctor who gave Perez anesthesia, Dr. Mario Albert Diaz, was a convicted felon whose medical license had been suspended. He had previously spent 30 months in prison.

“Linda researched the facility prior to having surgery there but unfortunately the anesthesiologist the clinic selected to participate in her surgery, Dr. Mario Albert Diaz was not listed on the website as one of their doctors,” the family explained.

Although the family tried to sue, they received little because the clinic is uninsured. Diaz himself had minimal coverage.

“The amount that we recovered for her was so low, we gave her our fee,” said Perez's attorney, Mark Eiglarsh.

The family now has to find a way to fund a lifetime’s worth of medical care for Perez.

“While now out of the coma, she remains brain damaged and requires 24-hour nursing care. Unless utilizing assistance, she can no longer walk, eat, bathe, and/or go to the bathroom herself,” the family wrote on a GoFundMe page they’ve set up to raise money. “She can also no longer care for her son on her own. All of the medical expenses are astronomical and not feasible for the family to take care of on their own. We need your help.”

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Meanwhile, Perez’s mother, Mariela Diaz, hopes this tragedy can help other young women contemplating getting breast implants.

“I tell the daughters and mothers to think it over before going to those clinics, because they never know how they are going to come out,” she said. “They should just accept what they have naturally.”


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