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Woman In Italy Sues Cancer Doctors For Treatment On Wrong Breast

A woman with breast cancer is suing her doctors after she received months of breast cancer treatment on the wrong breast.

According to the Local, the 40-year-old woman began chemotherapy and radiotherapy on her right breast, when it was her left that was affected by the cancer.

Four months and 22 treatments later, the woman noticed she had a burn mark on her right breast. The unidentified woman was diagnosed in 2011 and underwent treatments at an oncological hospital in Rimini.

After confronting doctors with her suspicions, clinic workers allegedly told the woman that she had received chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the wrong breast.

The case was dismissed during a preliminary hearing on December 16 in Rimini after a legal medical report and examination of the woman’s medical records, reports.

Roberto Urbinati, a lawyer representing the woman, argues that. He presented a series of oncological and psychological findings to back the claim for damages for medical negligence.

According to the lawyer, the woman’s chances of her being cured from breast cancer are now 20 percent less because of the medial mishap made by the doctors.

“It’s the first case in Italy of such an error. In the world, only in the United States in Pennsylvania, [has there been] a similar [case] to that at the Rimini hospital,” said Urbinati.

A judge assigned to the case is still assessing the claim.

The woman is now seeking 800,000 euros (nearly $1.1 million) in damages from her local health authority, the Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale.


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