Woman Ignores Doctors, Beating Cervical Cancer Without Hysterectomy


A 34-year-old woman managed to successfully treat and overcome her cervical cancer without undergoing the doctor-recommended hysterectomy. Flight attendant Naomi Orme received her diagnosis five months ago, with her treating physicians claiming that a hysterectomy offered her only chance for survival. Orme, who is originally from England, was diagnosed with the disease while living in Dubai. She returned home to the UK for treatment. 

Orme, who plans to have children some day, did not want to undergo the surgery. Instead, she sought a second opinion and began researching alternative treatment online. According to the Mirror, Orme opted to undergo a trachelectomy, an operation that "removes the uterine cervix without damaging fertility." The treatment was successful, and Orme is currently cancer-free. 

Orme expressed her joy regarding the treatment's success. "I am over the moon to be cancer free in time for the New Year. I still don't believe I've actually managed to beat cancer, I feel like I'm walking on air. Since my diagnosis in July, I have had to battle with doctors to get the right treatment plan. If I wasn't so persistent about getting a second opinion, I would be infertile now. Beating cancer was always my main goal but I wanted children in the future and I knew deep down there was a way to keep my dream alive," Orme said. 

Orme has chronicled her experiences on a blog, which she hopes will inspire other women to seek alternative treatment if maintaining fertility is as important to them as it is to her. 

Sources: The Mirror, The Daily Mail / Image Source: Naomi Orme's Blog


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